Black Market Barbers and Answers

Black Market Barbers and Answers

Confession! This week I went to a black market barber who was open by appointment only. I know some of you are judging me right now, but let me tell you, one look at my hair, and you would have pleaded for me to go. Or at least you would have pulled a Delilah and cut it in my sleep.

My main hope en route to this top-secret location, down a dark alley, was that I would lose weight just from losing so much hair. It would be a win, win!

When I got there, I was informed that my barber was late. And boy was he ever, by about twenty-five minutes! I was desperate for his masterful work to take place on my cranium, so I waited patiently.

Finally, my time came but not with the barber I was initially scheduled. It really didn’t bother me; however, I would have been happy to let Edward Scissorhands have at me at this point.

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As prepared as I was to get the mop chopped, I wasn’t ready for the ministry that was about to take place. It all started when he asked me the all-telling question of, “What do you do for a living?” Then it started.

Once I told him I was a pastor, he began to tell me how he believed in God a little but didn’t believe in the church. Apparently, other people and their sinful ways had left a bad taste in his mouth. It happens.

As we talked and I listened to his story, the Lord opened his heart. I told him what was really important wasn’t what other people did or what he thought of the church. What really mattered is his relationship with Jesus.

Toward the end, he confided to me that something significant happened in his life a month prior. He said he told God that he would start going to church at least once a month. Apparently, our conversation was a God-timing thing. That happens more than you know.

It reminds me of the command we have in scripture to, “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.” (1 Peter 3:15)

You know, God’s mission, our Great Commission, is not quarantined. Nor will it ever be! He doesn’t stop moving in the lives of people. What he wants from you and from me is to be ready when the time comes for us, with gentleness and respect, to love people enough to tell them about Jesus.

Yes, God can even move in the black market. Are you ready?

Look up these verses to build your faith:

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  1. I loved this!! It is amazing how God can move at any given moment. I am so glad that he loves us so much to meet us where we are and send others to communicate his love when we need it the most!

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